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FC Temp

WEB DESIGN i PRODUCT METRICS i BIG DATA FC “Temp” About FC “Temp” In 2020, the revival of the Temp soccer club began. In the past the club had a professional status. The team was formed on the basis of players of the “League .BRO” and is the main team of Children’s and Youth Sports …

Alfa Bank Showcase Improvement

APPLICATION i PRODUCT DESIGN i TEST ASSIGNMENT Alfa Bank What is Alfa Bank Alpha Bank is one of the largest private banks in Russia, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses. With a focus on innovation and digital solutions, Alpha Bank provides online banking, mobile apps, and other modern banking tools …

Banking App

MOBILE APP i STARTUP i banking Money Magnet Work in progress… This project is a work in progress, so will be added to as the processes progress. Stay in touch!

Calories Counter App